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With tons of additions constructed and tons of experience on our team, Pride remodeling is ready to add on whatever you would like to your home!   Before: After: Before:   After:


We remodel bathrooms and make them look however you want it to; fancy, modern, simplistic, whatever you like!  

Custom Woodwork

We do custom woodwork on desks, fireplaces, cabinets, you name it; we do it!  

Decks and Siding

Whether it's building a deck or remodeling one, we can do it! Need to reside your house? We can do that, too!   Before: After:


You're in your kitchen every day cooking meals; you use it all the time. Why not make it the best-looking room in the house?   Before: After:


Whether you want a nice, simplistic, modern design in your kitchen, a creative cartoon character for your child's bedroom, or even a new coat of paint on your living room walls, we have the experience and do it with the upmost quality!  

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