Below you will find a few testimonials from our satisfied customers.

"I have found that [Pride Remodeling's] work is of the highest quality and completed in a workmanlike manner. Mr. Ziemski is a highly skilled carpenter and experienced businessman who truly takes pride in his work and his company's reputation." -Alan Charles Fodor (Architect)

"Mr. Paul Ziemski, and his company, Pride, began the construction on time, as promised. Throughout the performance of the work, he and his crew were very courteous and extremely helpful. Mr. Ziemski found numerous ways for us to minimize costs, to our surprise. I found every aspect of the craftsmanship to be outstanding, and Mr. Ziemski to be very knowledgeable and willing to explain all aspects of the job while the work was in progress. We had absolutely no problems or complaints, and are completely satisfied with the job." -Craig Baron (Attorney)

"I have found Pride Remodeling's capabilities span the gamut of general construction work including carepentry, masonry, foundations, drywall, finishes, roofing, windows and doors, mechanical and electrical systems. I feel confident that, in recommending Pride Remodeling to you, your selection of Mr. Ziemski as a CMHA contractor will prove to be a wise decision." -Alan Charles Fodor (Architect)

"Prior to contracting Pride, I spoke with others having utilized his services. All were pleased with this company, and recommended Mr. Ziemski. I would not hesitate to encourage any individual or company to hire Paul Ziemski and Pride Remodeling Co., Inc." -Craig Baron (Attorney)

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